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360 company is the largest provider of Internet and mobile security products in China. Founded in 2005, the company is the pioneer of free Internet security. It launched 360 Total Security, 360 Mobile Security, 360 Security browsers and other national security products, as well as 360 enterprise security browsers for government and enterprise users. PC security products have more than 500 million monthly DAU, and mobile security products have more than 460 million monthly DAU. At the same time, 360 provides comprehensive security services including security consulting, security operation and maintenance, and security training for millions of state agencies and enterprises.

In terms of talent and technology, 360 brings together the largest "White Hat Army" in the Eastern Hemisphere, with world-class vulnerability mining and offensive and defensive capabilities, while accumulating the largest domestic safety big data, and nearly 10,000 patents of original technology and core technology. In August 2018, Microsoft released the global Top100 security contribution list, 360 companies with a total of 13 people honored the list, is the most selected and the highest ranked security vendors.

With the vigorous development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Everything, the "Great Security Age" has arrived. In order to solve the multi-dimensional security needs of users, 360 Company has created a series of intelligent hardware products including mobile phones, children's watches, smart cameras, driving recorders and home firewalls through product and technology innovation, and is committed to solving network security issues such as security, travel safety, and home security for users through intelligent products.

In February 2018, 360 company completed the reorganization and changed its name, successfully landed in the A-share market. After the reunification, 360 company continued to make self-subversion through technological innovation while ensuring the original Internet security services and various main business operations, and widely used leading technologies, successful experiences and massive data accumulated in network security to "Great Security" field.

In May 2018, 360 pioneering released of the world's largest distributed intelligent security system - "360 Brain of Security ", and built an overall defense strategy system in the era of big security, actively participating in national security construction, boosting domestic safety ecology being further improved..

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