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Sign in Premium account, complete the device binding.

  1. Open 360 Total Security on the PC or tablet on which you want to register.

  2. Login with your 360 premium account.

  3. If you are asked "Would you like to add this device?"

  4. Click OK.

  5. If you didn't see the question mentioned above, please click the "Add" button to bind the device.

6. If you purchased the keys for 3 or 5 devices, please bind the other devices in the same way.

Enter the key to complete the device binding.

Click "register license key" in the settings, enter the key, the device will be bound.

If the device fails to bind after entering the key, it may be due to the following reasons:

Remove added devices and bind new devices in 360 Total Security:

  1. Sign in to 360 security center.

  2. Select the Licenses tab.

  3. Open the drop-down list in the Devices section.

  4. Click the Delete button in the right of the device name that you want to delete.

  5. Then you will see "Do you want to add the device to your current account" on the top, click "Add" to bind the new device.

View or remove registered devices on web:

  1. Open and login with your Premium account.
  2. Go to Manage .
  3. In the Active license section, Click Remove on the right of the device that you want to remove.

Please check if there is a premium logo on your main page, the logo means that your premium is working, all premium features and tools with a crown are available.

If there is no premium logo on the product, then all premium features are not available, please login your 360 premium account and add the device .

You can check the account information in the personal center (including the key / period of validity / renewal information):

  1. Click on the account icon to enter your account.

  2. Select "License" to view your key, period of validity, renewal information

360 Total Security (Windows version)
360 Total Security Essential (Windows version)

Premium is a value-added service working on 360 Total Security. Therefore, you don’t have to download and install another application for Premium. Premium and non-Premium users share the same installer of 360 Total Security.

To use 360 Total Security Premium:

  1. Download and install 360 Total Security.

  2. Click “Upgrade Now” or any other Premium ads to purchase.

  3. After purchase 360 Account in 360 Total Security program will be launched automatically.

  4. If 360 Account does not start automatically or you purchase Premium outside our application, click “Register License Key” in drop-down list and enter the license key sent by email from 360.

    Register License Key
  5. Sign up or log into your 360 account. The key will be registered to this account.

  6. If you are asked “Would you like to add this device?”, click OK .

  7. You’ll see a success message.

If you still see ads, or you can’t I use Premium features after purchase, try the following ways to find the possible reason and solve it:

  • Check if you have logged in to 360 Total Security program with your 360 account successfully. Refer to “How to log in to 360 account in 360 Total Security” .
  • Check if you have added your license key successfully. Refer to “How to add my license key? ”.
  • Check if you have added the device to your 360 account. Refer to “How to add devices” .
  • Check if you have the latest version of 360 Total Security installed on your computer.
  • Check if your license key has not expired. Refer to “How to extend the expiration date?” .

You can get free Premium by completing metalwall task or referring friends to try out 360 Total Security.
Refer to “How does Referral Program work?” .

The key contains 25 characters like this:


View license key information in your email:

If you bought Premium from our online store, the license key was sent to in the email address you entered during purchase by “360”. Try the following ways to find this email:

  • If you have multiple email addresses, check the email box that you entered when you bought Premium online.
  • Try searching the email for the word “360”.
  • Check the spam folder.

View license key information on web:

  1. Go to Order History .
  2. Log in with the email you entered during purchase.

In most cases, follow the instruction after purchase, and you will be required to log in or sign up. The key will be automatically registered to the account you choose . If your key was not registered automatically, you can try to do it manually.

Manually register in 360 Total Security:

  1. Open 360 Total Security and click “Register License Key” in drop-down list.

    Register License Key
  2. Enter your 25-character key into the field. Refer to “Where can I find my license key after purchase?” .

  3. Click Register button.

Manually register on web:

  1. Go to Register .
  2. Enter your 25-character key into the field. Refer to “Where can I find my license key after purchase?” .
  3. Click Register button.

If you see key error message when you enter the key, try the following ways to solve it:

  • Check if you have entered the correct 25 characters. Try to copy or type it again.
  • If you have multiple 360 accounts, check if you have added this key to another 360 account.
  • Check if the limit to the amount of license keys has been reached. Refer to “Can I use several keys simultaneously under one account?” .

Yes, you can use at most 3 license keys simultaneously under one account."

  1. Open 360 Total Security and log in with your 360 account.

  2. Select License tab.

  3. Click Renew to the right of the license key.

  4. Complete the payment process. The expiration date will be extended automatically.




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